stone interiors

Glowing Onyx Vanities

Material Cappuccino Onyx
Area 48 ft²

In this Showcase, we're pleased to introduce to you a very unique series of stone countertop vanities we fabricated and installed. There are three vanities in this client's home which are topped with Cappuccino Onyx. The stone has a very soft character, resembling, as its name suggests, the swirling colors of a cappuccino.

The most unique feature of these lovely countertops, however, is their ability to be independently lit. A number of LED lights line the interior of each cabinet, underneath the stone. Thanks to the translucency of the Cappuccino Onyx, the bright light emitted by the LEDs shies through. The result is spectacular, as you can see below. The warm, soft light that is projected from the Cappuccino Onyx is multiplied by the surrounding ornaments. The lights are bright enough to light the room, yet delicate enough to not disturb any sleeping eyes.

The crystal bowl sinks at each vanity enhance the glow of the backlit stone with a vibrant sparkle.

You may have noticed this tiny pillar of stone on the master bathroom vanity. Though it may resemble an artistic stone lamp, and even function as such, it's actually a toothbrush cover! It's a welcome decoration as it only enhances the beauty of the room. Thanks for reading!

Showcase · 19 September 2013