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Biloxi Revival - Part II

Last time we took a look at a few of the rooms in this Biloxi home, which Stone Interiors fabricated and installed the majority of the stone inside the home. As we take a look into other rooms in the home, the Tuscany Chateaux tile flooring is replaced with a hardwood planks and the stone details become less prevalent. The overall style transitions from a somewhat mediterranean charm to a classical appeal. This is the heart of the home, where comfort is the guiding motif. Decorative details of any sort are all rendered in wood, from the furniture and doors to the picture frames.

An interstitial powder room marks the return of stone applications in the home. Thyphoon Bordeaux tops the vanity and an adjacent shower is veneered with beige tiles. In the midst of the surrounding wood details, the stone here is made more noticeable. In a nearby bedroom, a fireplace sits in the corner, adding warmth to the cascade of comfortable furniture and soft lighting in the room. The fireplace cornice is backed by a remnant of White Carrara marble. The marble remnant was fabricated with rounded corners which echo the shape of the cornice. The fireplace is the only application of White Carrara marble up until this point in the home. It’s odd considering that there are plenty of other kitchen spaces and bathrooms where the marble would make an excellent choice as a countertop or floor material. This was certainly a deliberate choice by the designer, seeing as the most comprehensive application of the White Carrara marble is only accessible by proceeding through this bedroom.

The master bathroom is a symphonic collection of White Carrara marble situated in practically every functional nook and cranny! Upon first impression, the sight of the room alone makes is stunning as it’s in due contrast to the wooden floors and furniture of the adjacent bedroom. Marble wainscot tiles wrap around the perimeter of the bathroom. The tub deck and the vanity are slabs of the White Carrara with a delicate ogee edge profile, adding extra emphasis to the luxury of the space. The floor is composed of large, 18” × 18” marble tiles and can be electronically heated! The wainscot tile flows into a shower which is completely covered, top-to-bottom, with White Carrara marble. This master bathroom is a fantastic finale to the home’s design. Nowhere else in the home has stone been so comprehensively applied and in such a luxurious fashion!

We hope you enjoyed this tour of this beautiful home! Stay tuned for more Signature projects from us. Thanks for reading!

Signature · 1 August 2013