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Back Bay Transitional - Part II

When viewed from the front, it would be hard to believe that more than half of this home’s total volume is an outdoor space. Yet, as you proceed through the home, the Cleopatra stone flooring and the abundance of windows begin to blend the sights of the surrounding landscape into the home itself. On a good day, the sliding wooden door on the far wall of the foyer will be opened, exposing the home’s main event: the pool.

The pool area is by far the most impressive aspect of the home’s design, in terms of both its structure and the variety of stone applications. By passing through the foyer, we enter a very inviting patio, which frames the pool as though it is a courtyard. The Cleopatra floor tiles proceed unaffected by the transition from indoors to outdoors. In fact, the tile runs at precisely the same elevation all the way through the home to the other end of the patio. Within the patio is a grill and bar. Colonial Gold granite is used again here to top the grill workspaces and the bar.

Upon passing from the patio into the poolside proper, we’re met with a panoramic vista of the skies and back bays of Gulfport, Mississippi. The screen enclosure, being almost more symbolic than functional, keeps debris out and holds up a few light fixtures. The sight of it, however, indicates that a portion of the outside air and sky belong to the residence. The mesh of the screen even adds to this, suggesting the that the outside is thoroughly blended into the inside, making it clear that the entirety of this massive space is just another room of the home. Back on the ground, the whole scene is brimming with exquisite stone details. Besides the Cleopatra tile which fills the whole floor, the pool itself is treated with a colorful mosaic of square tiles. An adjacent hot tub is also framed by the same type of installation.

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Signature · 8 August 2013