stone interiors

Back Bay Transitional - Part I

Out in a serene landscape, facing the back bays of Gulfport Mississippi, is a towering tribute to the lifestyle of the outdoors. The home is nothing more than an open atrium where the calm air of the surrounding environment passes through. This theme, where nature permeates the halls and rooms of this luxurious home, endures in every detail of the design. Specifically, there are several stone details which Stone Interiors played a part in fabricating and installing which highlight the presence of nature throughout.

Placed frequently all throughout the home are large, broad windows. This ensures that no matter where you find yourself in the home, the serene glow of natural light reflects off of every interior surface. In the master bathroom, Calacatta Gold granite extends the natural glow provided by the large windows adjacent to the tub. The granite is tinted very slightly with a creamy gold, as the name suggests. Here, it tops the tub deck and runs over the vanity’s countertops.

In the corner of the room, in contrast to the brightness of surrounding materials, is a shower lined with dark blue glass subway tiles. The brassy shower hardware, matches the rest of the hardware in the bathroom, meshing it with the bright style of the rest of the room. What really ties the whole look together, though, is the floor tile. Varying sizes of this beige tile, called Cleopatra, are placed on the entirety of the bathroom’s floor, including the shower. This treatment is not limited to the bathroom, however. Just like the windows, Cleopatra tiles are found in abundance, flooring the main areas of traffic through the entire house.

To demonstrate this, let’s take a look at the kitchen, where the floor is indeed composed of Cleopatra tiles. The layout of the kitchen is relatively compact, and if you notice, does not obstruct the linear flow of the adjacent wall and the tiles below. That is, the implicit movement generated by the open, navigable spaces of the room is maintained even as the kitchen cabinets take their place on the floor. The countertops here are Colonial Gold, a more aggressively colored granite that the variety found in the master bathroom. An additional teak wood eating bar protrudes outward from the granite, adding more warmth to the space. The Cleopatra tile, though distinctly earthy in texture, is rather neutral in color, so these extra warm colors of the kitchen add an individual character to the room.

Next time we’ll keep following the Cleopatra tile to where the home truly expresses its connection with nature. The spaces coming up are a literal blending of the outdoors and indoors, to an incredible effect!

Signature · 6 August 2013